Commit 22a73354 authored by Taddeüs Kroes's avatar Taddeüs Kroes

Re-enabled separate shorthand unfolding for correct duplicate pruning

parent be507da6
......@@ -130,10 +130,14 @@ let handle_args args =
let input, css = parse_files args.infiles in
let css = css
|> (switch args.color Color.compress)
(*|> (switch args.font Font.compress)*)
|> (switch args.shorthands Shorthand.compress)
(*|> (switch args.duplicates Duplicates.compress)*)
|> switch args.color Color.compress
(*|> switch args.font Font.compress*)
(* unfold before pruning duplicates so that shorthand components are
* correctly pruned *)
|> switch args.shorthands Shorthand.unfold_stylesheet
(*|> switch args.duplicates Duplicates.compress*)
|> switch args.shorthands Shorthand.compress
let output =
if args.whitespace
......@@ -232,7 +232,8 @@ let rec unfold = function
let make_shorthands decls =
(* unfold currently existing shorthands into separate properties for merging
* with override properties that are defined later on *)
let decls = unfold decls in
(*let decls = unfold decls in
XXX: done by main function for correct pruning of duplicate declarations*)
(* find shorthand names for which properties are present *)
let rec find_props = function
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