Commit 0ca0aa97 authored by Taddeüs Kroes's avatar Taddeüs Kroes

Small command line usage string update + add item to todo list

parent 472940f2
......@@ -120,3 +120,5 @@ TODO / bugs
generating the shortest possible representation of the resulting box model.
- `border:none` could be `border:0`, or in general any shorthand that has both
a `style` and `width` property should be transformed from `none` into `0`.
- `padding: 0 !important` is expanded to 4 directions because of the
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ let parse_args () =
-o <file> Output file (defaults to stdout)\n \
<file> ... Input files (default is to read from stdin)\n\
Optimization flags (if none are specified, all are enabled):\n \
Optimization flags (default is -w -c -s -d):\n \
-w, --whitespace Eliminate unnecessary whitespaces (has the greatest \
effect, omit for pretty-printing)\n \
-c, --simple Shorten colors, font weights and nth-child\n \
......@@ -32,10 +32,11 @@ let parse_args () =
-d, --duplicates Prune duplicate properties (WARNING: may affect \
cross-browser hacks)\n \
-p, --pretty Shorthand for -c -s -d\n \
-e, --echo Just parse and pretty-print, no optimizations\n\
Formatting options:\n \
-r, --sort Sort declarations in each selector group\n\
-r, --sort Sort declarations in each ruleset (always on when \
--shorthands is enabled)\n\
-e, --echo Just parse and pretty-print, no optimizations\n\
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